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Dreams is a photo-journalistic exhibition created by Photos Nikolaidis aka Pho Vinternatt, the designer behind a brand I am enamoured with called A:S:S.

The exhibit opened today and as Pho’s creativity and style always pique my curiosity… I headed straight there.   The build is spartan but elegant and a perfect backdrop for the project where the focus is on the people and their stories (it is suggested that you change your WL settings to Sky: “PaperSnow” Water: “[TOR] Ice-like”) Each entry consists of a simple face shot and a quote from the person pictured.

The stories are insights into the people’s dreams – but it really encompassed also people’s aspirations and their regrets.

I will share with you the way that Pho describes the project in his own words in the notecard he provides at the exhibit:

Dreams. An interview and photo exhibition


When I started this project I had no idea that peoples dreams and wishes would be so much scarier, personal and moving than their fears.

I hadn’t realized how little we speak of our dreams, big or small ones, realistic or not, and how seldom we tell them to others.

Our dreams expose us, and opens our wounds and vulnerabilities. We choose our words very carefully when we do speak of them, because they’re frail and precious to us.

All dreams deserve to be spoken of, and they all deserve respect for making us who we are.

In this exhibition you will meet 15 people with very different dreams. Let them share them with you.

- Pho Vinternatt

It was really an unexpected experience – I am not going to spoil it for you by telling you who is featured (although I am sure you will know one or more of these people) or recalling any of the stories.  What I will tell you simply is that I was moved.   I was caught completely off guard by the vulnerability some of these people were willing to share of themselves so candidly.  I was, quite literally, brought to tears by a few of them.

If there is one thing I send you to see that isn’t at all related to fashion, I would strongly encourage you to make it this project – Dreams.  For me, it reinforced the truth that no matter who we are or what we achieve – be it here or in RL, we are all still struggling with the same burden of the human condition.   All of these people, all of US… are just people.

Thank you to all who had the courage to share and to Pho for having the inspiration to create it.



I was just informed the event is now on until 7/22!!!! 


Go see the pretty things!

Super Phoenix!

Hello all my Tragic Hipsters!

The One Voice event for Gala Phoenix began July 9 and runs through tomorrow July 15.  The designers participating reads like a veritable who’s who in SL fashion.  All of us standing together to speak out against content theft and in support of Gala Phoenix and Curio.  She is heading into what is likely to be a long, rough and surely expensive fight against a detestable content thief.  A thief who went to such great lengths to snake through a loophole in the incongruous international intellectual property laws.  I don’t care one iota if you like her as a designer or if you don’t believe in her using her Second Life business as her primary RL income (such BS – bc what business is it of yours anyway??).  The bottom line is that this offense is against us ALL as residents, as designers and as consumers.  Gala is the one personally affected and impacted but we are all vulnerable to this same thing happening either to us or to any of our other favorite designers – big or small.   I took a wonderful opportunity to spend a peaceful hour or two purchasing beautiful items as I always do in SL… but to also have the satisfaction in knowing that the lindens I would have normally spent would be going to aid Gala in this fight.

Gala, I and the tons of people I saw at this event shopping and donating, as well as all of the amazing designers who contributed their hard work to the items put up for purchase and the generous percentages of their profits, are ALL behind you!  I, for one, thank you personally for taking on this fight and for doing whatever you can to not only get your business back but to set whatever precedent can be set in this type of legal battle.

Now, on to the fun stuff… THE STUFF!

I got SO many beautiful things at this event.  It felt as if the designers were really putting their hearts out there.  I was really impressed with the event, especially considering how quickly it seemed to be put together.  I’m just going to show you three outfits that I put together, at least in part, from items purchased from the event.   The first you already saw – in the “Super Phoenix” ode to Gala picture that kicked off this blog! The second is a slight departure from my normal style with the half shaved head but I really loved it!  The third is a total formal look from a designer that I fell in love with at the event.  Styling for all the looks is at the bottom as per usual!



Thanks to altair stickfigure-Lyle for the idea for this pic :) The shirt is This is A Fawn and available at the event.

* – Denotes items found at the One Voice Event

Picture one:

  • *Outfit with wings: Scarlet Phoenix Lady by June Dion of BARE ROSE
  • *Skin: Fire Salamander 2nd Edition by Alia Baroque of FALLEN GODS
  • *Boots: Desire Bootie by Gospel Voom of GOS
  • Eyes: Glowing Eyes by Alia Baroque of FALLEN GODS
  • Hair: Kaelyn by Truth Hawks of TRUTH
  • *Pose by Catherine Fairport of BENT

Picture two:

  • *Outfit: Sucre’ in black Indyra Seigo of INDYRA ORIGINALS
  • *Skin: Roza Natural OneVoice by aida Ewing of GLAM AFFAIR
  • *Hair: Teeloh Mesh in special edition color Vanilla Pudding by MissAllSunday Lemon of WASABI PILLS
  • *Shoes: Coquette Platforms in zebra by Claire Messenger of N-CORE
  • *Jewelry: Nora necklace in black by lolly Carlberg of LOULOU&CO
  • *Poses by Catherine Fairport of BENT and Voshie Paine of LA PETITE MORTE

Picture three:

  • *Gown: Lily gown in nude by Giz Seorn of GIZZA
  • *Jewelry: Antique Blossom in pearl by Atiya Masala of ADDICTION
  • Eyeliner: FLF offering from Shyla Diggs for BELLEZA
  • Hair: Amanda by Catwa Clip of CATWA
  • *Pose by Catherine Fairport of BENT

Picture four:

  • *Shirt: Team Curio T from OMGWTF Barbeque of This is a Fawn (store closed – event item only)
  • Jeans: Ripped 78’s in Cool Blue by Nena Janus of LEAGUE
  • Hair: Tammy by Truth Hawks of TRUTH

Happy Birthday USA!!

Happy 4th of July my Tragic Hipsters!

I just threw together a quick Blacklace post to celebrate the holiday.

Blacklace put out two adorable patriotic lingerie sets for the 4th and I just had to get them both and show them off a little.  The first is elaborate with organze on the bustier and sequins on the corset and panties in red, white and blue with stars.  The second is MESH and simple but shiny satin and the classic stars and stripes motif.  Both have beautiful garters and sexy stockings and I just love them!  I’m off to catch some fireworks so no long post tonight – just pics and links.   I hope you all have a terrific and safe 4th of July holiday!

Sequins and sparkle!

Cleaner lines – shimmery satin!

Until next time… stay tragic… and HIP!


  • Lingerie and jewelry by Mariska Simons of BLACKLACE
  • Hair by Catwa Clip of CATWA
  • Shoes by Mikee Mokeev of MSTYLE
  • Poses by RubyStarlight Writer of EXPOSEUR

Hi again all my tragic hipsters!

Miss SySy Chapman is diving into the world of mesh! YAY!  Her first mesh offerings to all of her fans on the grid are a super cute linen handbag and an adorable polka dot tube top that comes in an array of colors.   I am so excited for her to be putting out new releases after a bit of a hiatus.  Those of you who follow me know that her items are a regular feature on my blog having always loved her work.

The handbags are a classic shape in a collection of solid colors that work great for summer.  They have a leather shoulder strap and are lined with a floral patterned cotton in a contrasting but complimenting color.  They are equipped with both an animated version and a non-animated version.

SySy also made these summer-y tube tops that I think are so fresh! She got the texture and shading just right – way to go SySy!!!  She used standard sizing so I was able to find one that fit me just right without having to mod myself – and… they have polka dots!!  What about polka dots doesn’t say picnics, balmy summer afternoons at the beach or by the pool?  Putting this sweet top together with a pair of light denim jeans and flip-flops says I am ready – bring on the heat – I have bare feet, bare shoulders and some sunscreen in this stylish bag I am carrying!  ;)

Summer “officially” started this week with the solstice on Thursday and I hope you all have or are making plans to make it a great one!  I’m headed out to enjoy some of it right now, I only wish I had SySy’s top to wear!

So, until next time… stay tragic… and HIP!


  • Mesh polkatubes and bags: by SySy Chapman of SYSY’S
  • Sandals: by Onyx LaShelle of MAITREYA
  • Jeans:  by Asuka Martin of DERNIER CRI
  • Hair:  by Truth Hawks of TRUTH
  • Necklace: by RH Engel of ROOKHOLD


Hello all my Tragic Hipsters!

Time for my blog for Chic’s birthday!  I was first introduced to the magnificence that is a Chic event with the Black and Blue Fair.  I was amazed at the quality of items and vendors offered as well as the build itself.  It is always a special event that is organized and put on by Keira Seerose and her management team!

Currently, this month, they are celebrating their 2 year anniversary and as per usual, the venue is special and Chic-esque.  When I arrived, my jaw dropped, it looked like a huge fashion doll house.  Three stories of little cubby holes each designed individually and impeccably for each designer – it’s quality shopping in the round!  I was able to stand in one spot under a beautiful pink tree from alirium and just cam and shop like crazy!

I am choosing to show two outfits from this event (even though I got many more)  The first is a lovely little red dress called Nene from Miamai available exclusively from the Chic event.  I love the dress! It is ruffled at the skirt and completely off the shoulder with a corset top.

I did have to mod my shape quite a bit to fit the dress so just be aware – but with the advent of outfits being as easy to use as they are these days, that really isn’t a problem anymore.  You just put the dress on, make a copy of your shape, put the shape copy on and mod your bod to fit the dress.  You then save the outfit with that modified shape on then every time you put the outfit on, the new shape will auto pop on as well! Simple!!  I also picked up the pose set that Miamai has at the event created by the wonderful Mavi Beck. I’m sure you’ll be seeing those poses in up coming blogs.

Next I am going to show you a cute ensemble from *TuttiFrutti*.  It’s a pair of colored jeans in gold with a floral/paisley pattern.  It is paired with a corset that fastens up the front with eye hooks and laces up the back. The corset has a gold floral pattern on a field of white that compliments the jeans perfectly.  I added a jeweled gold bracelet from U&R Dogs that is also an exclusive to the Chic birthday event – I loved it!

Coming next for Chic in August is their hugely successful, NOT FOR CHARITY, Vintage Fair.  It will run from Aug 3 – Aug 29, will cover 3 sims and feature 250+ designers offering exclusive items from the eras of 1920-1980.  Check their blog out for more information and to keep tabs on this and other Chic events to come!

Go check this venue out before the end of the month and it’s all gone.

Look #1

  • Dress:  by Monica Outlander of MIAMAI
  • Hair:    by Truth Hawks of TRUTH
  • Shoes:  by Onyx LaShelle of MAITREYA
  • Necklace: by RH Engel of ROOKHOLD

Look #2

My SySy blog is postponed for a bit – she’s working on some exciting new mesh stuff and I’m saving the blog until she’s done :)

So, until next time my friends,  Stay tragic… and HIP!


Newness at Collabor88!

Hello my Tragic Hipsters – I’m BACK!

I’ve missed writing/posting for you and I’ve missed Second Life and the FASHION!

Today, I am showing you some of the new goodies made available at Collabor88.  SO many great items – I put together a couple of outfits for you to see.

The first is a adorable little meshy beachy skirt with a bikini style halter top from The Sea Hole called Lichtenstein.  It comes in a variety of rainbow colors and they are all available seperately so you can purchase them in the same colors or choose to mix and match them like I did here. I am wearing the top in Dusk and the skirt in Cobalt.   They also have available a classic wedge shoe called Flossy Wedges in coordinating colors – I am wearing Electric Youth version. The best part is ALL the pieces are only $88L each!

Earthstones also has a new ring called Johanna available.  It is a beautiful stone ring in a marquis shape surrounded by coordinating or contrasting round stones.  Many colors are offered and each are only $188L – a definite discounted price for quality like Abraxxa’s!  I chose the Sugilite version for this outfit.

Next, from vive nine is more meshy goodness – a super cute pink halter sporting some sexy cut outs in the back and a zippered front.  I paired with a sexy mini in gold sequins because I love sparkle! The outfit is finished off with some super snazzy, strappy gold heels from Indyra Originals.

Outfit 1:

Outfit 2:

**On a related note, my very FAVORITE pose store of all time – Long Awkward Pose is closing its doors for good :(      I am very much saddened by this news but I wish Dove the very best in everything she does.  I will miss your work Dove!!! Thank you for all of the amazing poses you have given us over the years!  That being said, she is having a huge closing sale before LAP is gone forever – it is almost over so get yourselves over there without delay!**

Watch for a SySy’s post coming next (and maybe a LOTD in there somewhere).  It’s SO good to be back with you!

So, until next time… stay tragic… and HIP!



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